The Morning After STL

01-18-22 Segment 1 CuckTok

Purdue humiliated Illinois yesterday, what a fraudulent team. PlowKing’s tat. Tiger board. Hedo Fan Page. Quarantining at Hedo. Cootie corner. Plowsy’s shrubs. Hedo won’t shame you. Text names. TikTok. Ric Flair on the show tomorrow. Ric Flair Drip go wooooo. Deke Dotem’s mic drop. Tim is having a baby soon. Threesome apps. Larry Nickel calls in for the WWE Recap. We have truly hit our stride. Dear Deidre. What’s the deal with The Villages? Iggy gives us the lowdown. What is a cuck? We seriously can’t figure out this definition. Plowsy wants to do a live cucking demonstration with the dais.