The Morning After STL

01-20-21 Segment 1 Audio, Fleetwood, and Iggy’s FB

Big Tigers dub last night. NCAA tournament schedule changes. The artwork on the TuneIn app is incorrect, hopefully Jackson can remedy it. Podcast issues. Old Hampton studios. Iggy got his pizza oven stolen. Doug fell down some stairs. Iggy had the choice to go to SLUH or Brentwood. DK Mungenast showdown tomorrow. Iggy previews his roster. An email about Sister Patricia. George Springer is headed to the Blue Jays. Audio from Jeff Passan about the Mets GM story. Francesa. Tommy Fleetwood turns 30 and his wife is turning 50. Julia Ann. Brandi Love. Posting food pics on the fan page #Blessed. Iggy’s cake flopped. Doug’s cake. Pastrami. Iggy is cooking grouper tonight. Phillip Rivers retiring. Ken Play is banty.