The Morning After STL

01-22-21 Segment 1 Unicorn emoji and Wheelhouse update

Doug and Rock at Ryan Kelley today. Light mic issues. Throwback to a stock tip in 2016, we have the audio. Mario in Chicago didn’t like it. That stock has skyrocketed since. Doug is bitter about it. Swinging emojis. Iggy had a 401k in Springfield. Tim is tweeting out unicorns now, #developing. Joe Rod shook sand all over Tim’s crib. A lot of responses to Tim’s tweets. Sections of South Beach. Tallahassee. Warson Woods Wacko welched on his invite for Tim to play Medalist. Tiger patted Iggy on the ass after breakfast. Iggy claims Nikki Glaser is jacking his style with the IG live. Melly Mel wants to be involved in a cuck. Warson Woods Welcher delivers a statement. The owners of Wheelhouse/Start Bar join us. They explain their side of the recent situation.