The Morning After STL

01-24-22 Segment 1 What A Weekend It Was

Why can’t we sleep with each other? Plowsy is going to Mungenast today. Sadie Hawkins. Villie Husso putting in work. Sup, Binner. Sup, Tim? Tony Romo. Was this as good as it gets in terms of Divisional playoff round? Plowsy breaks down the Packers loss. Special Teams, don’t forget about the Special Teams. Is Aaron Rodgers overrated? Rams – Bucs. Should the Bucs have blitzed? Sean McVay on ‘Mr. Kroenke’s House’ next week. Allen and Mahomes. The offensive talent is going to be crazy on Chiefs – Bengals. Why not squib kick? Brutal loss for the Bills. Coaching mistakes all over the place. Overtime rules. This may be the game that changes the rule. What would you change the rule to? Iggy isn’t a fan of the rule. StrodeCast. Mungenast DFS Showdown results. Doug and Iggy butt heads about the contest rules. Pick 6 standings. Is Iggy still alive in the contest? Sports gambling. Prod Joe v. Iggy (Here. We. Go!). Nose and ear hairs. Plowsy thinks his shrubs will save his life.