The Morning After STL

01-25-21 Segment 2 Tiger hoops, NFL, and Cardinals

Little Sadie Hawkins to kick off the 8 o’clock hour. Mizzou basketball, put some respect on the Tigers name. Cuonzo’s thoughts on the victory and how Mizzou should be ranked. Action Jackson was fired up about it. Interest in college basketball. Interest in baseball dwindling. Tim loved the Packers -3.5 on the Pick 6 podcast. Preview of the Super Bowl. Brady. Gronk reminds us of Cam. Iggy is not going to any orgy’s with this virus going around. COVID vaccine. Bridget Moynahan. Back to Si-woo Kim. Iggy is less of a producer and more of a host. We don’t like guests. Tim was watching Si-woo last eve during the start of the Chiefs game. Torrey Pines. PJ’s. Cardinals not doing much, neither is the MLB on the NL DH. Yadi and Waino. Brad Pitt’s brother.   

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