The Morning After STL

01-27-21 Segment 1 Sadie Hawkins

StrodeCast kicks off this award-winning program. Name drops. Famers Insurance Open. Sadie Hawkins. Doug picks the Note game vs. VGK. ‘Sup Petro. Audio levels. Stag talk. Long-distance cuck. Melly Mel berates Action Jackson. Taco Tuesday. Iggy’s fish house. Frozen fritters. Spring training games. Jay Z at a Rams game. Drake ate at Louie’s 3 nights in a row. Iggy will stop and sign for a fan. Officiating is an issue in college hoops. QFTA yesterday. If you could only watch one sports team for the rest of your life, who would it be? Doug drops his Mount Rushy of sports teams. Spags. The four pillars. Iggy made Mickey Mantle cry.