The Morning After STL

01-28-21 Segment 1 Filibuster from Steve in Wildwood

A lot going today. Doug lost 3 billy in GameStop yesterday, bad beat. Light hijacking. A nice sentiment to the front line workers from Iggy. Gerbils. Burnt orange. Is Rock a dork? Daddy Padre is really into the Charcoal House. Reddit. Fan Page. Jay’s first foot. Shoveling snow. MODOT fumbled the bag. StrodeCast. Steve in Wildwood joins us. He is not a part of the poors but he is a fat. Doug and Steve may have a dinner date. Housing market talk. Vianney. Hrabe. Bringing kids to restaurants. Ragu. Cooking with Ken. Text inbox angry post-Steve’s call. Dillion. What age are the olds? Old Spaghetti Factory. Dolphins. 

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