The Morning After STL

01-29-21 Segment 1 Arenado rumors

Dandiest of Jim dandy’s today. Arenado, how do you? Situation developing. A lot of moving parts. Who would you move to get the Rockies 3rd sacker? We are still in a state of disbelief that this could possibly be happening. Cardinals 2019-2020 offseason has been disappointing, this most recent one has been understandable. Arenado’s baseball card stats. He plays good defense. Mo. Derrick Goold at 8:30. Arenado home-road splits are concerning. Iggy will be going down to Florida courtesy of Jamie Burkard and Mungenast. Drive to Florida. Iggy’s traffic ethics. Smoky Mountains. Cameras on traffic lights. Wong throwing shade on Twitter. What would Tim hit if he played in the Majors? Iggy is anti-barstool. Yadi. Talent evaluation. More ball talk. 

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