The Morning After STL

02-05-21 Segment 1 Fowler, Jim Edmonds, and Derrick Goold

Dexter Fowler is an Angel. The trade happened late last night. Mo has hinted that the Cardinals may not be done. Ozuna? Mo is stealth. Player to be named later, Darnell Coles? Lineup looks different now. Waino and Yadi. Cards interest in Jake Odorizzi. Berube banty about the loss to Arizona. Daddy Padre can revive this club. Iggy got some baseball cards of Darnell Coles. Blues uniforms. Mungenast DK Showdown update. Jim Edmonds joins the program to discuss the Dexter Fowler trade. Edmonds talks Yadi. Edmonds discusses the outfield and what moves could be made. Edmonds discusses the possibility of Ozuna returning. Edmonds talks calling spring training games. Edmonds talks coaching. Jim’s perspective on his and Rolen’s chances of getting in the HOF. Derrick Goold joins the program to talk Fowler and the HOF. Derrick talks the possibility of Ozuna returning and possible pitching moves for the Cardinals. Derrick discusses Yadi. Huge Mungenast 7 o’clock hour. 

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