The Morning After STL

02-05-21 Segment 2 Bowling, Lady Gaga, and Top 20 week

Iggy may coach Edmonds kids in bowling. Approach. Iggy talks about his retirement from bowling. Iggy lacks patience. Iggy is available for bowling lessons. Iggy’s Drops of the Week. Waste Management Open. Iggy wishes he could be a better vocalist. Halftime show details according to The Weeknd. Lady Gaga. Iggy brought in more fish for Doug. Mad Dog furious with Brooklyn Nets defense. Barrett Top 20 moves to program directors. Doug is the sports director for KMOV. Top 20 week continues to next week. We speculate the highest paid producers in radio. Iggy’s career as a radio producer. Iggy spins a yarn. Hrabe. Super Bowl DraftKings. Prop bets. How many people make an orgy?