The Morning After STL

02-06-2023 Segment 1: A Day Such as This

Plowsy is not feeling well and is back in the Horton-Watkins Jackson Burkett studio while Jackson takes over his chair in the studio. The texters are texting in hate for the show during the weekend. Listeners are taking shots at Plowsy and he just isn’t having it. Plowsy is just not having criticism in a day such as this. Iggy wants to help Plowsy out by coming in on the weekends to play his favorite songs the entire weekend. Iggy regrets saying no to AD when he was asked to be a guest host on KSHE, you know, his dream. Iggy basically sat and watched documentaries all weekend and gives his recommendations on what NOT to watch. Breaking down the Madoff documentary on Netflix. Listeners not happy about the “giveaways” that the show provides that sometimes show up late, or not at all. Lot Lizard definition.

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