The Morning After STL

02-06-2023 Segment 2:Low Hanging Fruit Hour

Tim lost 8 pounds when he joined the vom-com the entire weekend due to a stomach bug. Doug is stunned that Iggy weighs 160 pounds. Mizzou shoots terrible from the field and lose to Mississippi State on the road. Doug never lets a loss from a sports team to affect his entire weekend. Doug doesn’t seem to care about Mizzou and the Cardinals. Another disappointing loss for SLU Men’s Basketball. Ranking MLB teams from 1995 to present day. Pirates are considered the worst team in that era with a -4 point total, the only team with negative points in ranking systems. Cardinals are in the to 3 of the rankings, with the Yankees being the best team in this era. Plowsy is not high on the last decade of Cardinals baseball. What is Moe’s approval rating in St. Louis?

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