The Morning After STL

02-08-21 Segment 2 Golf, Mizzou, and Pirate talk

Kevin Harlan’s play-by-play of the streaker last night. The streaker was planted by a YouTuber. Officiating. Jackson Mahomes. Why do people not like him? Taint Lee had a great week. Mungenast DK showdown results. Jay and Iggy doing a DraftKings golf podcast. The Prod Joe vs. Iggy chronicles continue. Snakes. JT. Jordan Spieth. Mizzou hoops almost collapsed, but got the dub. The Tournament. Fans at the Super Bowl. Pyramid talk. Iggy wasn’t too impressed by them. Iggy’s travels. Pirates. Article about how Pirates are bad people. Iggy provides a history lesson about pirates. Titanic. Crumpfist. 

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