The Morning After STL

02-09-2023 Segment 1: Marshy Marsh and the Swingers Club

Andrew Marsh and the Playful Posse joins the show to replace Doug, who is vacationing at his Hamptons Estate. Jackson is in studio and running the board so he could stare into those baby blues of Marshy Marsh. Text line already going after Marshy Marsh. Marsh is very familiar with Daddy Padre, and actually knows him through the hockey “inner circle.” Texter wants to know what that hog situation is and what his girlfriend looks like, however he is single. Jackson and Marsh go watch soccer games together. Marsh loves his some 50+ year old blue haired cougars. Doug’s Glue Guzzler joins the program via the phone lines. Awesome stories about a concert, I think, haven’t been paying attention in a hot minute. Welcome to the text line. Jackson has to bring up his boys trip where 13 guys go to a cabin with 8 beds to Marsh.

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