The Morning After STL

02-09-21 Segment 1 Yadi, Blues, and Rams

Jam packed with sports. StrodeCast. Roads were lousy this AM. Sadie Hawkins. Yadi. The DH. MLB playoffs will be back to normal. Are the Cards done this offseason? Interest in Jake Odorizzi. Texts. Daddy Padre vs. Iggy. The Blues lose another one to the Coyotes. Doug banty. Ryan O’Reilly wasn’t pleased. The Blues may play 7 in a row against Arizona. Bob Fescoe predicts an undefeated 2021 campaign. Takes, and hot ones at that. Lindbergh. Traffic talk. STL Business Journal article about the Rams lawsuit. We will have the author, Jacob Kirn, on at 8:00. Tim discusses the highlights from the article. Doug’s thoughts. Larry Nickel joins us for the WWE Recap.