The Morning After STL

02-09-23 Segment 2: Jackson has Steadfast Eyes for Marsh

Jackson and Marsh are the only ones in the studio during the return. Plowsy is banging out a lunchable in Jackson’s Horton-Watkins Studio….such a power move. Jackson and Marsh both have severe ADD. The ticket prices for the STL Dogs is up to $500 a ticket. Secondary market has them in the $200 range. Iggy dominates a BlueChew read while Steve and Wildwood were talking on the phone. Marsh is a HUGE fan of Steve in Wildwood. Tim is so good at teasing audio he will be playing on Balloon Party. Absolute ADD radio has happened during the Steve phone call. Iggy gives his approval for the “final edition” of the rough rough edit of the Golf Video from October of 2022.

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