The Morning After STL

02-11-21 Segment 2 Golden hour

Presidents day song. Zachary Taylor… not the kid from Home Improvement. Fan page mad about callers. Texters sending in photos. Golden hour. Green flash. Sunsets. Plowsy had never seen the ocean before his trip to spring training. Tom Brady got a little boozy at the parade yesterday. Body painting at Hedo. STL Business Journal has more about the NFL lawsuit. Eric Grubman no-showed his deposition. The town hall meetings. NFL may be scared. St. Louis could handle at least 3 NFL teams. Cool Valley Cools. Big Al. Cooking with Ken. Chargers. NFL in London. Ursula. Iggy vs. Doug is now underway. More Ursula talk. Hedo ladies. Grossmutter.  Texters sending in pictures of themselves. 

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