The Morning After STL

02-12-21 Segment 1 StrodeCast, Golf, and NFL lawsuit

Cold weather, Doug is tired of it. Iggy is cleaning. StrodeCast. Snow coming Monday. Iggy’s doppler. Gangster Pete left the fan page right after leaving the show. Plumbing. People from Honolulu texting in. Mungenast DK Showdown update. Is Spieth back? Cut line preview. Doug is tired of golf talk. We go off the rails. Joe Rod. Shelly Long. Ned Reynolds gets dragged again. Article in the Post-Dispatch about the NFL lawsuit. This Grubman… he’s a snootfull. Interesting developments. NFL doesn’t seem to have much. Antitrust. How busy is Eric Grubman? Trial date. Grubman did not go to St. Gabe’s. Is the Rams Stadium the most expensive building in America? Crestwood plaza. Watson road. Planet Fitness. Steak. My Hole remix. Texter sharing some love for Jackson, quickly met with a counter response from other texters. Roderick and Iggy.