The Morning After STL

02-17-21 Segment 1 Meg Ryan, Iggy’s fame, and Jupiter

What a comeback by Brooklyn. Tigers…rough 2nd half. Parker Louis can’t lose. Billikens. Illini. Go-Go documentary. Spoilers! Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Fan voting. Bob Welch. Mungenast Showdown preview. Iggy vs. Doug continues. The Departed. Who is more famous, Jack Nicholson or Nicklaus? Meg Ryan’s career. In the Cut. The Fonda’s. Jackie Brown. Restaurants in Jupiter. Juno Beach Fish House. Tim saw Eric Trump at a ‘straunt in FL. A lot of people wanted Iggy’s autograph. Daddy Padre joins the program. He’s planning on going to Jupiter. Brittney Beef. Charcoal House. A lady thought Iggy was homeless. 

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