The Morning After STL

03-01-21 Segment 1 Breaking it all down

Getting right to it, Lana Rhoades is single again. Iggy has thoughts. Big Mike. Is Iggy jealous of Lana Rhoades? Arenado and the sea of red. Breaking down the tie game in Jupiter. Spring training tickets. Daddy Padre joins the program. DP goes after Iggy and gives his expert opinion about the Binnington situation. StubHub and eBay. Reselling tickets. Digital trading cards. Collectables. Mungenast DK Showdown results. Prod Joe made some money on the golf tournament this weekend. Iggy does extensive research. Jackson’s moving out soon. Cletus wants Jackson to move in with him. LPGA talk. More golf talk. Bowling tournament update. Bowling with two hands. Deadwood. Golf carts. Fan Page Club Championship talk. Cable America. HBO Max.

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