The Morning After STL

03-02-21 Segment 1 Happy days

Let’s sink our teeth in. Joshua scored last night, I’ll be your boyfoy. Iggy could do the weather for Doug’s big channel. Doug disagrees. Discussion of Joshua’s career trajectory. Beercats calls in to talk about Joshua’s whereabouts. Ozzie and Harriet. Caller Ellen joins us to solicit advice from Steve in BPV. TMA Shark Tank. Florida talk. Ellen and Iggy. Housing market discussion. Renting vs. buying. Discussion of children’s happiness. Raising children. Iggy’s stint of producing 1380 The Woman. It’s important to enjoy what you do for a living. College. More talk about raising children. Caller Dan wonders about when The Woman station will return. Fan page. Tiffany Smooth. Leaf blowers. FOMO. 

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