The Morning After STL

03-03-21 Segment 2 DK Showdown and Iggy’s new moneymaker

Hartford Whalers. Connecticut. Nudist colonies. New naked float trip. Mungenast DK Showdown. Iggy selects Richie Werenski, Corey Conners, Marc Leishman, Sunjae Im, Francesco Molinari, and Matthew Fitzparick. Doug selects Patrick Rodgers, Louis Oosthuizen, Ian Poulter, Brendan Steele, Eric Van Rooyen, and Kyoung-Hoon Lee. Article about sleeping with men does not make you gay. Iggy would go gay for pay. Iggy is hot. Big Al. Iggy preforms better in front of crowds. Iggy needs a haircut. Rock on fire with the drops. 

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