The Morning After STL

03-15-22 Segment 1 Fake Stories and Chicken Wings

Cam Smith gets a dub, and we get right to it. Doug watched the Bachelor. Former Mizzou football player is playing games. The boys have doubts about the authenticity of their relationships. A Bachelor for the Olds. ‘The Last Dance.’ BFIB shirt. Iggy congratulates a bowler. Mungenast DFS Showdown results. Iggy concedes under protest, if that makes sense. The Dotem. The first TMA live. Weddings on a Tuesday. Birthday hawkers. Deep Dish Pizza. Chicken Wings. Brine. Pancakes. Hummers. Who is chomps? Scissoring news from Beercats. Iggy recreates the situation. Larry Nickel joins us for the WWE Recap. RIP Scott Hall. Iggy hijacks the WWE recap. Freckle tattoos.