The Morning After STL

03-29-22 Segment 1 We Need a Mulligan On This One

Mungenast is the best. What will the boys be wearing at the Dotem? Plowsy laid his clothes out on the tanklid last eve. Iggy breaks down how to register for the golf tournament. Are people scalping foursomes? Plowboy will sell his nipple hair. Iggy wants a bobblehead of himself. Ken doll. Golf shirts. Iggy to the finals of the STL magazine for radio personalities. Has Iggy talked about it much? The poor part of Florida. Fan Page Club Championship. Iggy rambles about Richard Bland. Gail V in the YouTube chat. Fantasy Baseball issues. Doug’s Glue Guzzler tells about his MFF. Plowboy is ready to make an OnlyFans, half Cardinal takes and half erotic shaving.