The Morning After STL

04-04-22 Segment 1 "This guy on the Fan Page…"

Iggy recaps the Grammys. Iggy describes SHE, but he actually means H.E.R. Lil’ Nas X. St. Gabe’s hoops. Is there referee hijinks happening on the Southside? Lisa Ann dating game update. People won’t join due to Swope’s camera. Iggy is confident his logistic work is sound. People are now hesitant. Daddy P. Texters come out against Big Mike. StrodeCast for the home opener. Will Tiger be returning to the Masters? Iggy breaks it down. These fan pin fats are living rent-free in his head. Iggy guarantees he will win the Mungenast DFS Showdown this week for the Masters. Is Iggy salty about the fan page? New t-shirt on, ‘Welcome Home #5’. Big Mike joins the program. Big Mike comes loaded for bear. Fungo now joins the program to talk banners. Fan Pin Club Championship. Handicap talk.