The Morning After STL

04-06-21 Segment 1 FPCC logistics

Doug got some nice exposure last night at his big channel. Baywor. Wood floors. Gonzaga went down early last eve. Late start last night. Best small athlete? Is it time to give Daddy Padre a start? Iggy watched Arrested Development last night as opposed to the ballgames. Blues lose a rough one to VGK. Redbirds. Navy or red hats? Is Jackson handsome? Hair loss. Reading off all 64 names in the FPCC. Listeners are questioning Iggy’s work ethic on the FPCC. How does Iggy cuck guys on Cameo? Gangster Pete’s hat. Bent grass. Iggy won’t play Padre. Listeners Venmo to get the Iggy vs. Daddy Padre match-up. 

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