The Morning After STL

04-13-21 Segment 1 Loaded for Bear

We are closing in on the blind draw for the FPCC. Steph passed Wilt Chamberlin. Iggy has eyes on a different Wilt Chamberlin record. Iggy has had a couple from Arkansas. Arkansas conversation. Doug and Plowsy evaded death from a wild hog in the everglades, years ago. Iggy extends an invite to Caller Ellen to watch the Cardinal game. Streaming Cardinal games. Kegler’s corner. Listeners upset with Jackson. What is a true son? Mizzou fight songs. Natural segway to Mizzou uniforms. Radio issues. Listeners continue their frustration. Patreon. Iggy jumped on a guy’s IG Live and was booted for talking nude beaches. Plastic surgery. Webster Groves Winnie Wiggler joins us to talk OnlyFans. Fooling guys.