The Morning After STL

04-15-21 Segment 1 In Search of Caddies

We want callers today. We are flush with postage. Blues lose last eve. Daddy P vs. Iggy tee-off at 11:30 on May 2nd. Who will be Iggy’s caddy? Happy Birthday Cam Janssen! Iggy had a man crush on Ron Dugay. Lana Rhoades. The porn industry. No-hitter by Rondon of the White Sox. La Russa said he would give up his office for it. Most-trusted professions. Cubs games on WGN. Southern bells. Steve Stone. Iggy keeps dreaming about Sunjae Im. FPCC. Caddying. Lee Westwood. Dan joins the program to talk Australian accents. Evans scholar. Blogging.