The Morning After STL

04-15-22 Segment 1 Cybering With Your Bros

Tim will cyber with all the YouTube subscribers. Super-hot. Bif for Bif. Iggy accidentally got in a chat room with his brother-in-law back in the day. Hot? StrodeCast. Blues win in Buffalo. Cards lose in Milwaukee. Rehashing the Joe v. Iggy fantasy baseball riff. Vladdy with the Hatty. Bob Thomas with a 5 pack of apples. Vaughn index. Tim’s ‘soft’ take on the Blues playoffs with the Avalanche sitting out there. President’s cup. Plowsy’s Vlad takes… from 3 years ago. Florida talk. Frog giggin’. Fishing. Compression. Uncle Leo’s, get that Pizza. Call of a MiLB home run that’s a tad overcooked. Iggy pans it. Turns out the announcer is U High proud. Resse’s’ PB cup calories. Sugar addiction. Where can we find a decent orgy scene? Mungenast DFS Showdown update. Iggy is filing a protest.