The Morning After STL

04-21-21 Segment 2 DFS Showdown and Smoking

Ween Wednesday is actually lit. Mungenast DFS Showdown. Doug selects Kisner/Brown, Palmer/Rahm, Steb/Merritt, Knox/Stuard, Tringale/Castro, and Redman/Ryder. Iggy picks Suh/Ghim, Straka/Teater, Kisner/Brown, Hovland/Ventura, Steele/Bradley, and Bhatia/Piercy. 94 Fatso. No Cookin’ with Ken tonight. Iggy doesn’t eat lunch. Meat theft. Iggy’s smoking habits. NHL power rankings. Is this Blues team average? Will the Blues make the playoffs? Smoking rules. Iggy’s behavior as a kid. Can you smoke at Guns & Hoses? 

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