The Morning After STL

04-25-22 Segment 1 FPCC Pairings and Iggy vs. Math

So much to get to. Blues win again. Games in hand. Douglas schedule readings. Reds are a rough ball club. Votto. Doug wants quicker games. People are salty about Pepper and Geenie isn’t out yet, even though it’s a show recap. P&G open. Mungenast DFS Showdown recap. Iggy really gives it to Doug. Beercats. FPCC pairings. The potluck was lit. Iggy isn’t happy with his pop situation. Iggy isn’t pleased with the 75% handicap rule, mostly because he doesn’t understand it. Callahan vs. Cletus. Gi. Ball will be down. Iggy vs. Math. Rules about moving balls. Big Al calls in and joins us. Hey Al! The texters not happy with Al’s call. Breathing. Jimmy the Bull and Apache.