The Morning After STL

04-28-22 Segment 1 Throwing Butts and Missing Putts

Doug let’s get into it, Cardinals win. Mets hurler throwing some chin music to our decorated third sacker, leading to a little bench clearing brew-ha-ha. Pete Alonso with some choice words about our local nine. Stubby Clapp was out there poking and prodding. The issue wasn’t the IHBP, it was throwing at the dome. Is Iggy peeved this morn? Iggy had to walk up the stairs and isn’t happy about it. Iggy’s performance yesterday with the STL Tax Lawyer. Iggy flicking his cigarette on the first tee. Jackson’s putting on 18 was shaky at best. Caller Ellen joins us to apologize for her comments. Are the PIP’s backing away now or doubling down? P & G spent some time on it. The spelling of P & G. Blimp talk.