The Morning After STL

05-09-22 Segment 1 Was it Rebecca?

Lumber issue with Doug’s camera. Plowsy’s donut. Blues victory. Binner Binner Binner. How will the Blues overcome the defensive injuries? If they can just get hot… Blues fans are salty and sweet on this Blue Note club. Should the Blues give up. Iggy really wants to talk about Ozark but doesn’t want to spoil. Then he kind of spoils it. Pepper and Geenie preview. Plowsy used to mow for an elderly gentleman who wore woman’s lingerie. I honestly don’t know what we are talking about but somehow John Wayne Gacy came up. Do Hoosiers bone Dover Sole? StrodeCast. Crystal City. We finally get to Iggy posting something on the fan page. Who gave Iggy a cast iron pan? Was it Rebecca? Iggy’s unboxing.