The Morning After STL

06-01-22 Segment 1 Iggy the Director

Storms, storms, storms. Heads up out there, St. Louis. Cool weather ahead. FPCC match upcoming. Contrasting forecast from the ‘experts’, we trust the StrodeCast. El Caminos. FPCC trophy. There seems to be some controversy with an FPCC match. St. Gabe’s picnic. Caller Adam joins us to weave a tale of Doug at the Dotem. Calls from Joey Zanaboni. Iggy is down on Zanaboni. Is Iggy a hater? Show ombudsman Brian Haenchen is aligned with Ken on this. How old can you be and still be considered a kid? Busman’s special today. Iggy and Merle. Plowsy and Iggy’s bucket list. POV videos. Iggy wants to direct his own porn video.