The Morning After STL

06-13-22 Segment 1 Press Conference Monday

A lot of naughty girls. Doug spent his Friday night at Sam’s club getting gas. Plowsy went to the JeffCo Rodeo this weekend. Pitbull. App Madness. Please donate for the Veterans Golf Simulator in honor of Michael Wellington wearing a TMA cap at the US Open. Find the GoFundMe on twitter or the fan page. Iggy wants Welly to get a picture with Bones with the TMA cap. The listeners have a field day with this. Doug’s Glue Guzzler calls in to talk about Iggy commenting on his wife’s FB picture. A real press conference Monday has broken out. DGG details his sexy vacay. FPCC. Iggy got some work in last night with Skip Berkmeyer ahead of the Member-Guest. Some guy was giving Iggy the business while he was trying to practice at Normandie.