The Morning After STL

06-23-22 Segment 1 Poor People Night at Busch

EMOTD standings for the bunch of June. Camera issues in the studio. Horton Watkins studio. High School football bothering neighbors. Jackson having to pee during QFTA. Watching the Stanley Cup Final instead of the Cardinals game. Kadri’s controversial goal. Jon Cooper’s comments. Stick taps to Coach Coop for the way he handled his presser. The 50-foot change. Kroenke really shoving it up our tush right now. Officiating talk. App Madness. Iggy has 91 people blocked on the Fan Page. Iggy’s sabbatical from the Fan Pin. Fake names on the fan page. PGA & LIV Golf talk. Hard reset to MO Sports Hall of Fame. Wellington shot a 60-yesterday afternoon. Cardinals betting. Ohtani. Marrying ketchup. Iggy doesn’t like that the rich get special treatment. Trailer Park in Frontenac. Poor people day in Busch Stadium.