The Morning After STL

07-07-20 Segment 1 It’s colder than a S.O.B. outside, but it’s about to get hot as hell in here

Iggy’s DK Team. Mahomes got paid in the Escalade. Cards cancelled their workouts yesterday. A texter had the scoop. The sun shines on a dog’s ass every now and then. The dais breaks down the Cardinals schedule. Guys flash ween at Paddy O’s. Audio of Iggy introducing The Los Lonely Boys. Cards workouts delayed again. Doug’s not camping. Iggy’s creepy shower. Rock is a plus-size otter. WWE Recap with Nicksy. Mark Mantovani is on the show tomorrow. New QFTA is posted. Iggy wants to do an unboxing. Send him your box, boy. Iggy rambles about apartment life.