The Morning After STL

07-24-20 Segment 1 Cards preview, Iggy’s FB Live, and FPCC Recap

We will preview the Cardinals season for three hours today. Iggy is pissed at Paul Casey and Scott Stallings. Doug posted hilarious comments on Iggy’s FB Live yesterday. The grouper came out great. There is another unboxing today at noon. Brad calls in to talk Blues. It goes well. Biff & Show is broadcasting live from Paddy O’s today. There is no plan for Biff & Show content at the moment. Nikki Glaser might have been walking in Kirkwood yesterday. Favorite glory hole locations. Iggy may be getting trolled by a potential guest. Let Jay suck on your toes. Duke calls in with a business proposition. Good luck, Crimson. FPCC Recap.

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