The Morning After STL

08-18-20 Segment 2 Charlie Woods, Iggy’s new neighbors, and Hedo

Ryan Kelley joins the show. I’m worried my ex’s new husband won’t let her have threesomes with my wife and I. Tiger’s kid Charlie dominated a youth tourney over the weekend. Tiger was on his bag. Oral in the woods at PGA events. QFTA is being recorded after the show. Send your emails, ladies. Iggy doesn’t want to weight shame the heavyweight couple moving in above him. Iggy likes to listen to his neighbors shag. QFTA will accept erotic stories from gentlemen as well. Zaner thinks everybody will come out as bi at some point. Hedo is COVID ready. Iggy and Haenchen are going to Hedo with The Gapes and Ballsacks. Hedo hookers.