The Morning After STL

08-27-19 Segment 1 Press Conference Tuesday

Where are the Cardinals haters now? Iggy met Mrs. Dr. Woody Bender in front of the green peppers. Plowsy and Iggy are shooting vids at Normandie today. They might reenact Big Al’s “hole-in-one.” Michelob Ultra has provided some swag. Timmy the Tickler is suspended. Ethan calls in for parenting advice. It’s harder to keep your kids away from stepdads if your kid plays soccer. What is the sweet spot for number of children? Cards have a 3 game lead on the Cubs. Waino’s soul was hurt. Larry Nickel in the house. Nick Saban’s 5 year old speech went viral yesterday. Caller Adam. Henry Winkler is a very nice man.