The Morning After STL

09-06-19 Segment 1 Jay addresses #cartgate

Tim was in a tornado with Gabe DeArmond in college. They were playing NCAA football on PS1. Is Britney Spears hot? Mizzou will whip West Virginia and likely run the table. Hot girls of the 2000’s. Paris Hilton is a DJ now. JT is worth $230 million. Jay has an announcement regarding the Fan Pin Club Championship. T-shirts available at #cartgate. Jay is Iggy’s friend and likes when he plays at the Rock. Prod Joe was banty AF on the new Pick 6 podcast on The Tim McKernan Show. Caller Ellen defends Iggy. Iggy lifts his Normandy ban. Fin Pan bullies lose again. Plowsy has a happy trail. It’s natural. Manscaping discussion. Showering in HS. Naked sunbathing. Nudist colonies. Tim and Gi hope to battle today. Classy Fan Pinners are donating to the Megan Meier Foundation in attempt to lure Iggy back. Texters sending in pics of their WAGS again.