The Morning After STL

1-11-23 Segment 1 Tim Convy, Golden Globes, and Callers Galore

Tim Convy will be dropping by today. A lot of Tim’s around these parts. Iggy’s new nickname from Lern is “coat.” Martin’s appearance yesterday was well-received. We will be off for MLK day. Blues pick up a good come-back victory vs. the Flames last night. Here comes Tim Convy! Check Tim out at the Funny Bone at the Streets at St. Charles this weekend. KC vs. STL. Stand-up. Tim and Tim talk about Artie Lang. Shoutout to Tim Convy, go see him this weekend. Stanley Steamer. STL folks rooting for the Chiefs. California rivalries. Golden Globes breakdown. Folks are upset with Iggy’s recap. P&G. Iggy is upset with the awards shows in general. Crestfallen. The Martin segment yesterday. Former producers and interns. Yesterday’s QFTA got deep. Stories from station’s past. Steve in Wildwood joins us. Steve talks expensive dinners in Florida and his weight. Steve left a mic drop this morning for Balloon Party. Steve gives us the lowdown on the Becky Thatcher. Tim and the Plowhawk sing a duet. Radio “inside baseball.” Steve’s schedule today. House appraisal. Tim’s REM sleep. Dreams. The Plowboy’s passport. Scheduling. Caller Drew joins us and his completely out of breath. Rehashing our Mt. Rushmore of fast foods. Caller Drew gives us his Steak n’ Shake order. 

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