The Morning After STL

1-17-23 Segment 1 Nars Lootbarr

What is the lede today? Blues? Tigers? Wildcard Weekend? Winter Warm-Up? Nope, Pepper n’ Genie interviewed Matty Dreads & Katy Kush and we are getting into it. The podcast is not yet available, but will be at 10am today. Iggy spikes the football on KG in O-Town. Katy’s work. Where are the clips? The PlowHawk’s passport situation. Blues pick up a pair of points vs. the Senators. The Blues wild card standing. Will O’Reilly and Tarasenko be Blues after the deadline? WiFi in Jamaica. Jackson’s trip to Indy. Ja Morant’s dunk. Ben Hochman’s column on the Cardinals. The boys break it down. Plowboy goes off on Lars Nootbarr, or as Iggy calls him, Nars Lootbarr. Cardinals are rumored to be interested in Pablo Lopez. Should Pepper n’ Genie run this ballclub? What if radio stations could trade talent? Mungenast DFS Showdown results. Wildcard Weekend recap. Cowboys kicker.

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