The Morning After STL

1-20-23 Segment 1 Jamaica, Blues, and Hampton Village

We are rating weens this morning. What are we looking for? New studio update. Golfing in Jamaica. The trip’s zoom meeting. What will Iggy being doing on the trip? He responds with “vegetation.” Iggy claims he doesn’t need attention. Iggy then tells a story about himself. Jackson’s trip. Felica joins the program. Just kidding, it’s Hrabe. Discussion of Hampton Village. Lern is filling in on the Rizz show. Will Iggy just walk on in? Blues with a big victory last night. Doug and Tim discuss the outlook of the team. Can they get hot? Can they win this baby? Plowsy and Iggy get clowned for not watching the games. Vianney’s Hottest Mom calls in to talk about UPS. What’s going on? Theory on all male/female getaways.

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