The Morning After STL

1-6-23 Segment 1 Three Stories Long

Boogie Nights peep show. What’s the dais shrub situation? Iggy shaves his armpits. Iggy did some research on the resort we are staying at in Jamaica. Passport updates. The AVN’s. Texters taking shots at Piddles on the Fast Lane. Jamie Rivers. Will Jackson get laid in Jamaica? Will the majority of the dais get laid? Bidet talk. Rehashing the Hedo book issue involving Matt Rocchio. The flights down to Jamaica. Iggy complains about the trip. TMA Walrus #1 joins the program to talk about Plowsy’s dog, Iggy’s commitment to Jamaica, and more. Iggy’s guests back in the day. Nikola Tesla in love with a pigeon. Fruit Loops. The phone mandate. The rebirth of P&G.

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