The Morning After STL

10-19-23 Segment 1 – Radio Wars Episode V: TMA Strikes Back

New gear from left and right. The boys are decked out. A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… Radio Wars are upon us. First, the Rizz Show thinks we are peeing on the ground/toilet seat. Plowsy’s toilet treats. Iggy sits when he pees, so he claims he’s safe from any accusations. Bathrooms from stations past. Iggy defends himself sitting to pee. KG does some investigation, much to Ken’s chagrin. JeffCo shots are taken. The audio from McGraw Millhaven’s show on not mentioning Tim in his SoundStory live read. Was Iggy the one who texted the McGraw Millhaven show? Iggy’s golf rival game. The Golden Bachelor. Would Iggy consider being on the Golden Bachelorette? Analysm. More urinal investigation.

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