The Morning After STL

10-25-23 Segment 1 Miles Davis: Good Horn

We plan on breaking down all of Connor Hellebuyck’s… 18 saves. Plenty of offense for the note, just kidding. Tough loss for the boyce. Binner Binner. Stories from 590 The Man. Soft rock vs. Pop rock. Weather finna be cold. Laugh tracks in comedies. Iggy recaps 1977’s Annie Hall. Discussing the Diamondbacks winning the pennant. Will Mad dog retire? What would you do in that situation. The MLB playoff format. Does this WS matchup further the Cardinals mindset of “just get in”? The possibility of Yadi coming back to STL. Derrick Goold’s chat. Conspiracy theory from a listener that the boyz in studio actively try to keep Jackson out of the conversation. I’ll break the 4th wall here, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Significant others with money. Credit rating talk. Iggy’s press conference last weekend.

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