The Morning After STL

10-30-23 Segment 1 New Title Sponsor Reveal!

New title sponsor to be announced today at 7:45. Stay tuned. It’s Georgia week, so we have Gabe as well. But Doug, these Doggies. 9:00pm start turned to 9:25, right quick. Didn’t go well for our dogs, 4-1 your final from CITYPARK. New teacher from St. Clair, a friend of Brianna Coppage, has joined OnlyFans. We have the Apple TV calls of the 1st half goals. Bradley Carnell, Tim Parker, and Roman Burki’s thoughts after the game. Pepper n’ Genie upset with the playoff format. Somehow Michael Block gets brought up. Scott Hand? We play 20 questions and guess the sponsor. After a few questions, we reveal… Brown and Crouppen is our new title sponsor. Ed, Terry, and Andy from Brown and Crouppen join us in studio!

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