The Morning After STL

10-5-22 Segment 1 Press Conference Wednesday

The Cardinals stink, huh? Time Kill music. Who’s the true favorite in the NL? When will the game be on Friday? Jackson reports sapphic action at BPV on Friday. The boys break it all down. BPV discussion. Jackson’s buddy Sweet Sweet Ky calls in to report on the story. The boys cross-examine Sweet Sweet. Playoff rotation. Press conference Wednesday. Biff is the first caller to pose his questions. Drops. Mike Lee joins the show. Mike’s birthday party. Timmy the Tickler joins the presentation. Buzz now joins the show. NC State national championship. LOTY discussion. Mr. Lix now hops in the fold. Mr. Lix’s call is not going over well. Lawn situations. Wild Card and NLDS. Iggy’s phone. Raising children young.