The Morning After STL

11-13-23 Segment 1 Sadie Hawkins For The Ages

We want a big “Phone Call Monday.” Sadie Hawkins for the ages. Blue Note head to Denver and lay the beat down on the Avs. The Missouri Tigers smack the Vols. Illinois pulls out an OT victory over the Hoosiers. Texas A&M gave Jimbo Fisher the short haircut. Trivia Night. Doug, you’re the cute little lady with the poodle skirt, who do you want to dance with? Doug chooses the Tigers. What a performance on both sides of the ball. Cody Schrader put on a show. Missouri is as good as any team in the country. College Football Playoff scenarios. Caller Adam calls in to make an announcement. Blues have won 4/5 and beat a team with Lord Stanley aspirations. 8 goals against Colorado. Edmonton remains in a struggle. Iggy’s move to his new apartment. What is he to do with all his paintings? Miss St. coach got canned. Will Drink get poached? The boys talk it over. Iggy’s fashion at trivia. Reheating BBQ.

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